P-Wave™ Fusion Bonding

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The P-Wave™ system is used in both direct fusion and through transmission mode to join a broad range of thermoplastic resins, composites and other polymers. The heart of the system is the patented P-Wave™ IR radiation unit, that uses proprietary optics and wavelength control to guide infrared energy to the interface of the materials to be joined. This unique approach provides the ability to join a wide range of plastic parts including films, membranes, fabric, sheets, molded parts, tubes and pipes. The P-Wave™ 300H unit can be hand-held or mounted on an automated transport system for spot, scan or 3D production applications. The following unique P-Wave™ features make it a clear choice as the next-generation technology for joining plastics and advanced materials.

  • Directly join films, membranes and fabric using P-Wave™ Transducer technology
  • No laser shield is required for operation
  • Quality has excellent cosmetic properties with non-invasive, subsurface joining
  • Strength of resin-to-resin joining is more than 2X greater than typical adhesive bonds
  • Only the parts interface receives energy and is heated for joining a strong bond
  • Precise energy control with minimum flash
  • Join sensitive pre-assembled parts with no vibration, no powder or particulates
  • Join materials that are not easily joined with conventional plastic welding technology
  • Join a broad range of sizes from very small to very large parts and wide sheet material
  • Join dissimilar material combinations including PC, acrylics, PS, ABS, composites and elastomers

Fusion bonding produces the strongest bonding strength in polymeric joining. The photo shows fusion bonded polypropylene sheets that break in the parent material and not in the bonded seam.

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