P-Wave™ & PTIR™ Composite - Out of Autoclave Composite Manufacturing Technology

P-Wave™ irradiation of PTIR™

Prepreg layers

PTIR™ Prepreg films are laid up on a mold.
IR transparent vacuum bag applies pressure on the prepreg.
The P-Wave™ radiation system is scanned across the prepreg and emits a selected range of infrared radiation.
Infrared radiation passes through the vacuum bagging material, is absorbed by and heats the PTIR™ Prepreg under pressure for consolidation

PTIR™ Tape Placement

The P-Wave™ system and PTIR™ method can be used in the tow and tape placement process to optimize curing performance and maximize productivity. P-Wave™ gently applies radiation to uniformly and rapidly heat PTIR™ prepreg. Direct flame, lasers and other heating systems do not deliver optimum heating for composite consolidation. For example, CO2 lasers emit high energy density IR radiation at 10,600 nm that is absorbed by the polymer matrix and can cause surface burning and out-gassing during processing. Nd:YAG lasers emit 1064 nm and Laser Diodes 808 nm high energy density radiation that is absorbed by the carbon fibers in the composite and may overheat the carbon fiber and matrix resin interface causing delamination, out gassing and/or poor bonding.

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