P-Wave™ IR Transducer (patent pending)

The P-Wave™ IR Transducer is a wavelength conversion media that absorbs near-infrared from P-Wave™ and emits medium to long-wave infrared radiation that is absorbed by most commercial polymers and organic composites.

P-Wave™ IR Transducer media is offered exclusively to users who own a P-Wave radiation system.

The P-Wave™ IR Transducer media is available in the form of powder, paste, film, sheet and sheet with an adhesive back.

PVF film seam FEP film seam


The P-Wave™ IR Transducer sheet or tape material can be cut in a straight line or pattern and applied directly onto the back surface of overlapping films. The IR Transducer and films, held under pressure, are excited by exposure to P-Wave™ NIR radiation and emit IR radiation to heat and form a clear seal as shown in the photos.

The P-Wave™ film processing technology uses the IR Transducer to seal and bond fluoropolymer and thermoplastic films without using adhesives. Examples of films bonded using this technology include Teflon® FEP and Tedlar® PVF, olefin resins like polypropylene, and high melt temperature films.

The P-Wave™ IR Transducer , in a powder or paste form, can be compounded into a polymer to make a PTIR™ resin or blended to form an emulsion or dispersion in a thermoset resin to make a PTIR™ coating solution for rapid heating and volumetric heating.

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