MemBond™ For Composite Bonding

MemBond™ is an infrared excited adhesive that can be used in a GREEN manufacturing process to bond and repair composites. Laboratory testing has demonstrated that MemBond™ adhesives are equivalent or superior in shear and peel strength in bonding carbon/epoxy composite compared to commercial epoxy adhesives*.

Kubota Research is offering MemBond™ film that is applicable for use as interleaf material for composite parts manufacturing.

Kubota Research offers a quick composite patch repair method using the P-Wave™ radiation system with MemBond™ adhesive.

PTIR™ composite repair patch and MemBond™ adhesive provide quick composite repair in various environments including in the field and at the depot. MemBond™ adhesive can be used to do lap and the scarf joining repair.

Advantages: PTIR™ repair patch and MemBond™ adhesive

1) Fast Process Time in Minutes
2) Environmentally Friendly with no VOC emissions
3) Ambient Temperature Storage
4) No Pot Life Concern
5) No Shelve Life Concern
6) No Hazardous Waste Concern

*Testing funded by The Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP-DoD)

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