P-Wave™ Detachable Fastener (patent pending)

They’re LIGHTER Too!

Prevent Loose Fasteners, Vibration, Fatigue Cracks and Provide Tamper Proof Fasteners

Assembly of composites and metals onto other structural parts using conventional fasteners can lead to component damage. Mechanical fastener installation requires drilling holes that can produce stress points, accelerate fatigue and form stress cracks.

P-Wave™ Detachable Fasteners, made using MemBond™ thermoplastic adhesive film and PTIR™ technology, are bonded directly into the substrate using P-Wave™ radiation, eliminating micro-vibration and stress points on the assembly structure. MemBond™ thermoplastic adhesive films are made from polymer alloy or polymer blends to maximize adhesion properties to specific substrates including aluminum alloy and thermoset composite surfaces.

P-Wave™ Detachable Fastener, in MemBond™ adhesive paste form, can be used as offset counter bore filler. Conventional epoxy filler requires a long processing time to cure and surface finish and removal of epoxy filler for maintenance and repair is difficult. The P-Wave™ Detachable Fastener process is faster, cleaner, easier and environmental friendly.

Detachable Fasteners can easily be removed using P-Wave™ radiation for repair or recycle of parts.

P-Wave™ Detachable Fasteners can be used to build tamper proof assemblies.

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