Kubota Research Associates, Inc. has been awarded the following government grants. These grants support Kubota Research in the development of products for joining and assembly of plastics and composites and the development of new composite processing and manufacturing technology.

Date Grant Title Industry Partner
2005 NSF SBIR Project #0512869 Assembly and Repair of Thermoplastic Reinforced Composite (Develop PTIR™ technology) Lockheed Martin Corp.
2006 NSF SBIR Project #0637751 Polymer Alloy Seals (MemBond™ adhesive technology) Ion Power, Inc.
2007 NSF SBIR Project #0711789 Polymer Matrix Composite Manufacturing Process (PTIR™ Prepreg technology) Spirit AeroSystems Toray Industries, Inc.
2007 SERDP - DoD Project #WP1581 Near-Infrared Radiation Based Composite Repair Using Thermoplastics as Adhesives (MemBond™ adhesive technology) UD-CCM
2008 NAVY SBIR Project #N68335-08-C-0210 Low Cost & Weight Composite Structure Using OOA (Out of Autoclave) Technology UD-CCM

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