P-Wave™ IR Radiation Systems

Kubota Research Associates, Inc. is a technology and engineering company that has developed and patented the award winning P-Wave™ technology, a unique new GREEN process for joining plastics, polymers and other advanced materials, and for manufacturing a new generation of high-strength composites. Kubota Research manufactures and markets plastic joining and advanced composite manufacturing systems, while providing custom-engineered plastic fabrication solutions to a worldwide market.

P-Wave™ 300H (300W)

P-Wave™ Mounted on a Robot and Handheld

  • Scan and spot joining
  • No laser shield is required, IR safety glasses for protection
  • AC or Battery powered

P-Wave™ 2KH-L0280 (2.0 KW)
P-Wave™ 4KH-L0280 (4.0 KW)

  • Join Flat Surfaces
  • 280 mm wide beam
  • Scan process PTIR™ Prepreg for composite manufacturing and repair applications

P-Wave™ 30KH-L1000 (30 KW)
P-Wave™ 60KH-L1000 (60 KW)

  • Large Flat Surface Joining
  • Composite Manufacturing with PTIR™ Process Technology
  • 1000 mm (39”) wide beam
  • High Power Output for High Speed Joining

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