ImpacGard® for Safety (Patent pending)

E=40J, M30/8551

ImpacGard® BX on the CFRP with E=80J

Kubota Research Associates, Inc. has developedpatent ImpacGard®, an impact absorbing fiber reinforced composite technology, applied onto a composite surface that absorbs impact energy to reduce the risk of major structural damage and minimize the potential for hazardous debris by maintaining structural integrity of the composite after impact.

An issue with high strength composites is their poor resistance to shattering and "spalling" on impact. An impact event can propel shards of high tensile strength material and cause catastrophic damage.

Kubota Research has introduced front face protection ImpacGard® FX and back face protection ImpacGard® BX. ImpacGard® technology and materials were tested and validated at the University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials (UD-CCM) by researchers M. S. Islam, A. Anwer B. Gama and S.Yarlagadda. The test results, published January 2006, show that a single layer of ImpacGard® BX increases low velocity impact absorption of composite materials up to 40%, and dramatically improves shatter and spalling containment.

ImpacGard® HV-VIOW and VPPW panels were evaluated for High Velocity Impact performance meeting MIL-STD-662F. The ImpacGard® HV panels demonstrated significant improvement in deformation and structural integrity compared to competitive products. The panels show retention of structural integrity after high velocity impact comparing ImpacGard® HV to a conventional armor panel.

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