MemBond™ IR Activated Thermoplastic Film
for Composite Manufacturing (patent pending)

Kubota Research Associates, Inc. has developed patent pending MemBond™ Thermoplastic Film, which is available for interleafing with fiber reinforcement in the manufacture of composite laminates and shapes and for use in composite repair.

MemBond™ is an environmentally benign infrared excited adhesive, formed by dispersing a PTIR™ IR emitter into a base polymer and coating as a film. MemBond™ film is used in interleaf methods with fiber reinforcement in the manufacture of composite laminates, composite shapes and in composite bonding and repair. MemBond™ adhesive applications include using P-Wave™ for high speed thermoform molding or doing compression molding using existing equipment and processes.

Customers can specify the film thickness required.

The following MemBond™ Thermoplastic Films that are commercially available:

Product Resin Type Film Thickness Film Width
MB A12-ESB PA12 Alloy 75, 100, 125 & 150 micron 1000 mm
MB PPS214 PPS 75, 100, 125 & 150 micron 1000 mm

Tailor made MemBond™ Thermoplastic Film with other resin types, film widths and film thicknesses are available upon request.

MemBond™ technology was developed with Lockheed Martin Corporation funded by National Science Foundation SBIR project #0512869 and with University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials (UD-CCM) funded by The Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP), a Department of Defense (DoD) environmental science and technology program.

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