P-Wave™ Technology

The P-Wave™ system emits high intensity near-infrared (NIR) radiation with a peak wavelength at 1100 nm and cutoff at 2000 nm. The P-Wave™ NIR radiation system provides maximum energy penetration into most polymeric materials that are nearly transparent to NIR radiation.

P-Wave™ IR radiation with long focal depth projects low energy at the part surface with no burning while delivering high energy at the interface for fast joining

The P-Wave™ radiation unit uses precision optics and wavelength control to guide the selected infrared energy to the interface of the materials to be joined.

P-Wave™ optics project conical NIR energy having a deep focal plane focusing on the parts interface. The plastic or composite part surface absorbs little energy, avoiding surface degradation or burning. High energy is absorbed at the interface to initiate fast joining.

Patent pending materials and process technology are integrated with the P-Wave™ radiation unit to accelerate the joining process and compliment the unique P-Wave™ ability to dramatically improve productivity and achieve a strong bonding while preserving material integrity.

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