PTIR™ Heating Technology (patent pending)

Polymers are highly transparent to NIR 700~2000 nm energy and strongly absorb energy beyond 2000 nm. The peak spectral emission of P-Wave™ is 1100~1200 nm.

The PTIR™ treated resin contains a very low volume of IR emissive nano-particles uniformly dispersed throughout the resin. The particles absorb P-Wave™ NIR and emit IR radiation to induce simultaneous and volumetric heating throughout the PTIR™ treated resin.

The PTIR™ process can weld polymeric parts without thermal degradation and consolidate composites without delamination or out-gassing.

Conventional heating a polymer matrix is a slow process, from outside to inside, do to the extremely low thermal conductivity of the matrix resin
- Conventional heating may cause welding surface burning or degrading
- Autoclave processing of thermoset prepreg requires many hours to process

PTIR™ volumetric heating method is >10 times faster than conventional heating
- Simultaneous heating throughout resin
- Uniform heating, less ΔT in 3D profile
- Energy efficient & fast production method

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