PTIR™ Composite Consolidation (patent pending)

PTIR™ matrix resin is manufactured with a very low volume of IR emissive nano-particles. This “Pseudo material” is uniformly dispersed throughout the resin. The PTIR™ matrix resin can be impregnated into high tenacity fiber such as carbon fiber and Vectran™ LCP fiber to produce PTIR™ prepreg.

The P-Wave™ infrared radiation unit emits a specific range of NIR radiation that passes through the PTIR™ prepreg and is absorbed by the “Pseudo material” that re-emits longer wavelength infrared radiation to facilitate bonding to manufacture strong, continuous-fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites.

The “Pseudo material” transduces energy from the incident P-Wave™ NIR radiation into IR radiation that is absorbed and heats the prepreg from inside and throughout the matrix to quickly bond and consolidate the PTIR™ prepreg using minimal heat capacity.

PTIR™ prepreg is manufactured using a non-solvent based GREEN impregnation process. The PTIR™ prepreg and P-Wave™ infrared radiation consolidation process is a GREEN energy saving process using non-toxic prepreg that has no shelf-life.

The PTIR™ prepreg and P-Wave™ process is versatile and can be used both in composite manufacture and repair applications. Thermoplastic PTIR™ prepreg can be applied and set as a repair patch using P-Wave™ infrared radiation projected through a vacuum bag material to melt bond and repair a substrate or composite.

Finite element analysis (FEA) shows a minimal thermal stress applied to the substrate at the process point based on the low heat capacity of the PTIR™ prepreg and P-Wave™ repair process.

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