PTIR™ Organic Fiber Prepreg (patent pending)

Kubota’s patent pending PTIR™ forming method uses a specially designed PTIR™ Prepreg (Figure).

A functional layer of matrix resin insulates and protects the high tenacity fiber from exposure to the heat energy during processing.

The heat energy within the PTIR™ layer will maximize bonding efficiency without sacrificing composite performance.

The PTIR™ process uses a specially designed PTIR™ prepreg developed under National Science Foundation SBIR award #0512869.

The functional layer in the PTIR™ prepreg contains a matrix resin and additives that act to heat shield the organic reinforcement fiber in the prepreg. The PTIR™ layer in the prepreg contains matrix resin and infrared nano-emitter that heats and melts to bond the prepreg during the consolidation process without overheating causing fiber degradation.

P-Wave™ radiation deeply penetrates the material structure and the energy is absorbed and emits infrared radiation in each PTIR™ layer to heat and bond the layers under pressure.

The thin PTIR™ layer has a low heat capacity, allowing the material to be quickly and evenly heated, then cooled rapidly providing a high speed composite consolidation process.

PTIR™ prepreg can be made using organic fiber reinforcement in unidirectional and woven fabric, including Vectran™ LCP polyarylate. The Vectran™ PTIR™ prepreg can be laid up and consolidated using P-Wave™ radiation without degrading the reinforcement fiber tenacity.

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