PTIR™ Carbon Fiber Prepreg (patent pending)

PTIR™ Carbon Fiber Thermoplastic Prepreg

P-Wave™ radiation deeply penetrates and excites the PTIR™ layer to uniformly heat, soften and melt the matrix resin.

P-Wave™ radiation processing is done through an infrared transparent vacuum bag material or by using high temperature grade glass material such as Borofloat, Borosilicate or quartz glass.

The PTIR™ layer can be preheated using P-Wave™ radiation to minimize resin moisture content and eliminate moisture out-gassing or bubbling issues.

Kubota Research offers tailor made PTIR™ carbon fiber prepregs in both unidirectional and woven fabric with various matrix resins including thermoplastic polyimide, polyimide precursor and thermoset epoxy.

The PTIR™ Carbon Fiber Prepreg is specially designed to maximize the level of consolidation and minimize void generation during processing.

PTIR™ layer is made with a matrix resin containing a minimal volume of infrared nano-emitter. The PTIR™ layer alone acts as a volumetric heat source when irradiated by infrared energy.

PTIR™ Carbon Fiber Thermoset Prepreg

P-Wave™ irradiation of PTIR™ carbon fiber thermoset prepreg deeply penetrates and excites the PTIR™ thermoset resin layer inducing volumetric heating and rapid reduction of the resin viscosity, initiating fast interlayer resin diffusion and fusion of prepreg layers during the consolidation process.

The PTIR™ layer minimizes hot spots through uniform radiation absorption, emission and heating.

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