ImpacGard® Technology (patent pending)

Impact - 40J CFRP

Impact - 100J ImpacGard®


ImpacGard® BX is a high tenacity fiber reinforced PTIR™ thermoplastic prepreg. Fiber reinforcement choices include carbon, Vectran™, Kevlar® and glass in woven or unidirectional form. The PTIR™ thermoplastic resin matrix is designed to meet impact, thermal and sound insulation and reinforcement engineering requirements.

ImpacGard® BX products can be installed using vacuum bagging with a P-Wave™ radiation system or by using a conventional heat sources, including an autoclave.

ImpacGard® BX laminated to the back of a substrate, such as an aerospace grade carbon-epoxy laminate, demonstrates significant improvement in impact absorption, spall shielding and shatter proof properties compared to straight carbon-epoxy laminate.

Low velocity impact testing of ImpacGard® BX with Vectran™ and Kevlar® reinforcement measure the improvement in impact absorption compared to the aerospace quality carbon/epoxy composite benchmark. The results show the superior performance of ImpacGard® BX for impact absorption and spall shielding.

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