MemBond™ Adhesive Technology (patent pending)

MemBond™ is an environmentally benign infrared excited adhesive, formed by dispersing a PTIR™ infrared emitter into a base polymer. MemBond™ can be used with P-Wave™ NIR radiation for optimum bonding performance.

MemBond™ adhesive technology for aircraft composite repair was developed in a joint program between University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials (UD-CCM) and Kubota Research Associates, Inc. and funded by a SERDP-DoD research grant.

MemBond™ Adhesive Bond Strength Test Evaluation

UD-CCM evaluated MemBond™ adhesive shear and peel strength versus aerospace structure grade epoxy adhesive benchmarks.

Baseline adhesives: Cytec FM300K and 3M, Inc. AF563, autoclave 4 hours, 14 psi, 180°C
MemBond™ adhesives: MB A1285-S and MB A12-ESB, autoclave 1 hour, 14 psi, 185°C

Substrate: Toray T800S/3900-2B Carbon/Epoxy composite base


MemBond™ MB A12-ESB adhesive has equivalent shear strength and greater peel strength than aerospace grade epoxy adhesives with faster process time. MemBond™ adhesive is a thermoplastic polymer alloy that has no shelf life and is not a hazardous waste on disposal.

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