Detachable Fastener Technology (patent pending)

Fasteners used in aircraft manufacture to attach parts and install wire and cables are bonded using adhesives to avoid stress concentration and material fatigue of structural parts.

Issues in using aerospace grade thermoset adhesive system include long curing time and difficulty in removal while making repairs. Typically, full adhesive cure at room temperature takes 3 to 4 days and bonding preparation for manufacture and repair on a composite based structural component is high risk work.

Kubota Research has developed a high speed fastener bonding and detaching method for manufacture and repair, using MemBond™ adhesive and P-Wave™ radiation processing. The process time to attach and detach a MemBond™ fastener is less than 30 seconds and can be done without concern of damage to the substrate.

Fastener with a MemBond™ adhesive Place the fastener using =10 sec.

composite flange on bottom of flangeP-Wave™ NIR exposure

Reverse P-Wave™ processFinished installation

to detach fastenerof fastener

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